Eddy: The Sea Bitch

“Wog day is just a day for everyone to have fun, and if anyone ever had a thought about any kind of homosexual tendency, they could do what they wanted to do without anyone even thinking about it.” – Eddy

Eddy: I was really surprised, because I thought I was going to hate wog day, but I had fun. Some people quit, the people who couldn’t take it anymore, men who were crying . . . it is really degrading. I had food all over me. I had Crisco oil poured in my face. Everyone thought I was going to break down. I never did, and they just kept walking me through it again and again. The only time I got agitated was. . . . What are those things called, where you stick your hands and your head in, and they lock it? The only time I got mad — I was in there on my hands, and my head was locked in there, and I was bent over, and someone was behind me pretending they were having sex with me. And another guy was pouring three-week-old food on top of my head, and it was dripping all over my mouth.

I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t wipe my face.

Zeeland: What do you mean, pretending to have sex with you?

E: He was behind me going like this, humping me. And this supposedly is a straight guy, who I know isn’t so straight.

Z: How do you know that?

E: Well, I don’t know; it’s just a feeling that I have.

Z: Could you actually feel his dick?

E: Oh yeah. But that wasn’t unusual, because everyone was doing that that day. Wog day is a day for everyone to just have fun, and if anyone ever had a thought about any kind of homosexual tendency, they could do what they wanted to do without anyone even thinking about it.

Z: Was his dick hard?

E: No, but another guy’s was. I know it was. And I think he thinks I probably just thought it was big.

They would give you orders. You are a slave — someone with no authority whatsoever. So I would get behind this guy and I’d be like this, having sex with him, and everyone would be laughing and stuff. You know straight people were gettin’ off on it. I could just tell. Because they wouldn’t just do it once. All of a sudden I’d look over and I’d have this straight person on top of me, riding me.

You knew that it was more than just a thought, because they did it for so long.

Z: I thought that stuff was illegal now, in the wake of Tailhook.

E: We didn’t have the wog queen ceremony and we didn’t have the spanking, but a lot of the stuff that was supposed to be out, like touching — it don’t matter who said you can’t do it; it was still done. The higher-ups didn’t watch it, it was just us. Some people were getting hit; the people who weren’t liked very much were getting hit a lot. It got really disgusting. People were peeing in jars and saving it for weeks and pouring it on top of us.

Z: Why would straight guys want to hump you? What does it mean that this is done in an organized, ritual way?

E: Even though they say they’re straight, and I’m sure they are straight — sexuality and what gay people do is still on straight people’s minds. So that was a day for someone just to say, “Hey, you go have sex with him,” and get away with it. It wasn’t like they were just pretending. I was on all fours, like a dog, and someone would be behind me actually hitting me with their dick like they were having sex with me. It wouldn’t be a light thing, it would be boom boom boom! And you could tell that that’s what they were curious about.

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