A Lover of Soldiers Explores the Army of Lovers

That was the headline of an interview I did a couple years back. It seemed an appropriate name for this site.

I’m the author of a trilogy of interview books on military men: “Barrack Buddies and Soldier Lovers (1993),”Sailors and Sexual Identity: Crossing the Line Between ‘Straight’ and ‘Gay’ in the U.S. Navy” (1995), and “The Masculine Marine: Homoeroticism in the U.S. Marine Corps” (1997).

According to some reviewers, I’ve created a new gay studies genre, one that combines the scholarly with the sexy. With each of these books I’ve searched for answers to serious questions about desire, identity and the contradictions of military life — questions that grew out of my own unabashedly erotic interest in soldiers, airmen, sailors and Marines.

I don’t identify myself as “gay,” but I’m anything but “straight.”

Steven Zeeland
I’m not a uniform fetishist. But the individual human beings who interest me sexually are almost exclusively active-duty or former U.S. military men.

What I’ve learned from both my research and my “research” may boil down to this: Behavior is an unreliable basis for sexual categories. Desire is immeasurable. Sexual identity is a joke.

In the meantime, drop me a line. I’ll answer the mail as soon as I can.

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