Wormy: Hellbent for Leathernecks

“He’d done it all day and all weekend with his girl, but he just wanted to do it with a man.” – Wormy

We were at the Hilton. We’d done a big sell-out show across the street at the Enormodome. We’re all in the bar afterwards. And this Marine just kind of invited himself to sit with us. He hadn’t been to the show. I think he knew who we were. Like a lot of military people do, he’d rented a room for the weekend. He’d been with his girlfriend. They’d had dinner in the room, and then done the business and for some unknown reason she had left. So we were just sitting there. He was a very good-looking, strong, masculine guy. We just bullshitted about this, that and the other. And eventually everybody left. It was just me and him. And in the hotel there was a convention of Roman Catholic priests. Suddenly he goes, “A couple of them bought me a drink.” I said, “Oh really?” He said, “Yeah. But all they kept doing was staring at my crotch.” “Oh really?” He said, “Yeah. Then I went to the bathroom and I kept lookin’ at my dick. Anyway,” he said, “I’m going to bed now and I’m in room” so-and-so. And left! What does he mean? I suppose I was a little drunk. It was in my drinking days. So I went back to the room, and I’m thinking: Roman Catholic priest . . . looking at my crotch . . . looking at my dick . . . room so-and-so. I’ll go and knock on the door. I knock on the door, and he’s like straightaway, “Oh come on in.” As soon as I closed the door he was on my bones as quick as a fly on shit. And I was like, “Just do whatever you want to do.” We did it for hours and hours and hours. It was like nonstop. Then the next morning he left. Actually, I bumped into him in the lobby and he gave me his address. And I wrote him a couple of times, but he never wrote back. He’d done it all day and all weekend with his girl, but he just wanted to do it with a man. That was my first ever Marine encounter and that was 1980. It was just unbelievable. It’s still a really strong memory.

Zeeland: Did you find that you began looking more at military men?

Wormy: Yeah, I think I did. I’d be in the tour bus, and I’d get my Rand McNally out and say, “Is there an Air Force base nearby? Is there a Marine Corps base nearby?”

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