Military Trilogy

Steven Zeeland’s “Military Trilogy” was conceived after publication of Barrack Buddies and Solider Lovers (Haworth Gay & Lesbian Studies, April 1993) when Zeeland returned to the United States from Frankfurt, Germany, and settled in San Diego in the early 1990s. There, Zeeland became acquainted with sailors and marines living and working in the San Diego area, and through these contacts and friendships lead to the publication of two follow-up volumes Sailors and Sexual Identity (Haworth Gay & Lesbian Studies, February 1995) and The Masculine Marine (Haworth Gay & Lesbian Studies, September 1996).

The additional titles included below is a book Zeeland published called Military Trade, a work similar to the “Military Trilogy” books but from the perspective of “military chasers” – those individuals attracted to military servicemen. Zeeland’s author friends have also published titles sharing similar themes and subjects, including A Night in the Barracks by Alex Buchman, and It’s A Queer World by Mark Simpson. Read excerpts from Zeeland’s “Military Trilogy” and these related books.

Barrack Buddies and Soldier Lovers


Barrack Buddies and Soldier Lovers: Dialogues with Gay Young Men in the U.S. Military by Steven Zeeland

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Sailors and Sexual Identity


Sailors and Sexual Identity: Crossing the Line Between “Straight” and “Gay” in the U.S. Navy by Steven Zeeland

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The Masculine Marine


The Masculine Marine: Homoeroticism in the U.S. Marine Corps
by Steven Zeeland

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Additional Titles / Related Interest

Military Trade


Military Trade by Steven Zeeland

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A Night in the Barracks


A Night in the Barracks: Authentic Accounts of Sex in the Armed Forces, Edited by Alex Buchman

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It’s a Queer World


It’s a Queer World: Deviant Adventures in Pop Culture by Mark Simpson

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