No more editing another author’s books for me. My new role model is Carl van Vechten.

Summer 2000 saw the publication of my photographs in the VILLAGE VOICE and HONCHO, which featured a 17-photo layout of mine in its July issue. I’m also quite proud of the photo that adorns Kerwin Kay’s Male Lust (despite the mixed results of his mandate that the cigarette hanging from Bremerton sailor Cast Boy’s mouth be digitally amputated).
Thanks in large part to a flood of encouragement from e-correspondents, I’m returning to work on the project formerly known as “MILITARY HAZING.” Details to follow.

January 2001 sees the publication of my letters from and to Mark Simpson: THE QUEEN IS DEAD: JARHEADS, EGGHEADS, SERIAL KILLERS & BAD SEX by the prestigious London-based small press Arcadia. Though nothing at all like my first four books, this epistolary collaboration with notorious ANTI-GAY badboy Simpson will be of interest to anyone steeled (or reckless) enough to brave the risk of “T.M.I.” about the sordid details of my private life ca. 1994-1998, and to queer theorists.

Though I continue to read, and archive, every letter sent my way, answering all of the mail this site generates would be a full-time job in itself. Perhaps if the right patron comes along I may yet enjoy the luxury of “just” pursuing my research. Meanwhile, my e-mail address is the same,, and I’ll do my best to answer as many letters as I can. Thanks.


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