Also, hot off the press, the import-only

This experimental epistolary collaboration between Mark Simpson and me has, if nothing else, violated convention. Heinously.

As one reviewer put it, kindly:

“Quite why a pair of armchair philosophers writing about trannies, military men’s bottoms, and cats should make an enjoyable read is a mystery. But it does.”
Honestly, I never quite believed that this collection of private correspondence really would become public. Indeed, most of my closest friends advised against publishing THE QUEEN IS DEAD until after I’m dead. And yet, here it is — not only in print, but garnering praise in prominent places.

“One of the most congenial, winning, intelligent and original ‘gay’ publications for many years.”

— The Independent (London)

“This book is full of clever lines. But cleverness alone doesn’t do it for me. What makes THE QUEEN IS DEAD different and moving is the graceful arc it makes as the two men become friends and confidants. . . . ”

— Hot Press (Dublin)

“What makes this book so appealing is that you can read it on three levels. As a tale of bawdy exploits with enlisted men, it skirts the fringes of highbrow gay porn. It can also be read as a thoughtful critique of masculinity and the urban gay lifestyle, scattered with witty epigrams that are pure entertainment. Equally engagingly, it is a story about the relationship between the writers who, encountering misfortune in love, come to realise the value of friendship.”

— The Guardian (London)

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