My late friend and mentor David Lloyd, the San Diego beefcake photographer, liked to tell me that I should author a play based on the life of Dr. Alfred Kinsey. On the other side of the Atlantic, Mark Simpson had an idea of his own for a musical based on The Kinsey Report itself!

There’s something of a thread here . . .

Scottish alt.popstar Nick Currie, aka Momus, was just in Seattle performing material from his new album FOLKTRONIC. In one song, “Psychopathia, SX” Nick imagines himself a 1940′s hillbilly stationmaster receiving a certain famous sex researcher:

Puffing round the railway track here comes the evening train / Bringing Dr. Kinsey back to talk with us again. . . .
The last MP3 I downloaded from Napster was from 1948: “Ooh, Dr. Kinsey!” by Martha Raye — a singer remembered for her “willingness to travel to the ‘ends of the earth’ to see soldiers.”

The Haworth Press has just repackaged my all-time favorite of their backlist titles: BAD BOYS & TOUGH TATTOOS: A SOCIAL HISTORY OF THE TATTOO WITH GANGS, SAILORS, AND STREET-CORNER PUNKS by the late Sam Steward, AKA porn writer Phil Andros. In the early 1950s, Dr. Steward quit his career as a professor to open up a tattoo shop catering especially to Navy “boots.” BAD BOYS grew out of a journal he kept at the urging of a friend and former colleague, who sometimes stopped in to visit. . . .

“When Kinsey was observing in the shop I always used
my best lines of patter to steer the customers into his
areas of interest. This was not hard to do, since hope
springs eternal in the human genitalia, especially those
of sailors. . . . ”
When the freshly redesigned BAD BOYS arrived in the mail last week, I was pleased. And proud; I’d had the honor of selecting the vintage photo for this cover.

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