Hi –

Sorry I’m late.

In brief : (or at least in boxers — sorry, I’ve been watching too many old Billy Wilder movies lately.)

Alex Buchman’s Barracks Bad Boys: Authentic Accounts of Sex in the Armed Forces Volume II is at long last off press!

Included in this sequel to Buchman’s A Night in the Barracks is a confessional I was commissioned to write for Attitude (but which the magazine rejected as “too literary”). Called “Trouble Loves Me,” it details my San Diego apprenticeship in beefcake photography . . . and subsequent plunge into shooting “amateur” military “solo” layouts of my own.

Regular visitors to this site will immediately recognize the cover photo as none other than Seadogphoto star Packard himself.

Buchman is already at work on Volume III — and will very shortly be launching his own Web site

As those of you who know me best will have accurately guessed, no news isn’t bad news. My lung condition remains “ABNORMAL BUT STABLE.” And I’m definitely doing better now that (another) unusually hot summer is over. . . .

Since my last “postcard” I have had the pleasure of playing host to a series of distinguished guests — including Mark Simpson, Brian Younker, Alex Buchman, Nathaniel West . . .

I also enjoyed an intensely stimulating visit to my hometown in Michigan, six months after the death of my father. . . .(I could not have made the trip were it not for my best writer friend within a thousand mile radius, D. Travers Scott, who rifle in hand diligently guarded my Navy shipyard ghetto home for four nights. [If you are a friend of mine, you are a friend of this tall studly native of the lone star state -- and if you can afford to buy a book you should support his brave new micro-press.]) Given the micro-melodramas that enfold almost daily outside my windows I felt embarrassed that the only twist to Trav’s stay came when he booted up my vintage 2000 HP Pavilion PC and the power supply went dead. . . . I am indebted to Dave, Diana, Dwight, and Bill at Haworth for the Dell computer I type these words on now.

A special kick recently has been re-connecting with several men I knew from their Army (and Air Force) days in Germany. . . .

And, slowly but surely, I am forging ahead with new projects. I even have a new business card — for a new book series with The Haworth Press. More on this very soon.

Thanks to everyone who helps keep me going — you know who you are.

- Steve

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