Twenty years ago the above photo was taken.

Twenty years ago I began taping interviews with military men.

Twenty years ago my oldest nephew was conceived; now he has a son!

Traditionally, 20 years = the span of a generation — genealogically speaking.

This summer I’ve researched my family tree. Passionately, even obsessively. As if it were a book! Which– Well, just wait and see. Turns out my family history is way more Zeelandic than I ever knew. Sex! War! Floods! More floods! Stubborn devotion beyond reason! Sailors! Floods!

Meanwhile, it’s August 2009, and — as you may have noticed — has been fully redesigned. Lovingly so. By hand — the very same professional hand that created this site almost 13 years ago (the span of a generation in some cultures). Eric take a bow!

Nobody could ever ask for better friends.

Thank you.

- Steve

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