It’s 2009 and this is the blog of author Steven Zeeland.

Yes, it has been two years since my final “Postcard from Zeeland.”

Where was I? China?

Nope. The two places I should have uploaded e-postcards from were my island on the border to Ontario, CA, and an island near Pensacola, FL.

The one place I most certainly was not was China — where I could have been overseeing the printing of SEADOG PHOTO: NAVY TOWN NIGHTLIFE (call me nitpicky, but– I don’t want my book printed in a country so shamefully contemptuous of human rights).

Anyway: this Labor Day I can announce the 2010 publication of my “coffee table” book of sailor photographs!

Thanks for this to friend and collaborator extraordinaire Dink Flamingo. (Who may have sweet talked me into spending more time than seems possible in that trailer in Yuma, AZ, but just as sweetly stood by me when I went all Amnesty International on him about China and human rights.)

Thanks, too, to all who’ve been helping me not starve via eBay.

- Steve

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